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The conversation has begun on Quaker school campuses. As students, alumni, and parents, we urge you to learn more about these campus-based campaigns and lend your support. Involved in a campus campaign? Let us know and we will post it here. Want to start a campaign? Visit http://gofossilfree.org/

Are you an alum? Learn how to help with this Alumni Toolkit: https://s3.amazonaws.com/s3.350.org/images/AlumniToolkit_1.pdf


Earth Justice League

divestbrynmawr@gmail.com, or through their Facebook page.

We believe that as a socially responsible institution, Bryn Mawr should be a leader and end our endowment’s investments in fossil fuels. Divest Bryn Mawr is a working group of the Earth Justice League.


Earlham College REInvestment Campaign


The Responsible Energy Investment (“REInvestment”) campaign is a student-led campaign at Earlham College that is asking our school to DIVEST its endowment from dirty coal companies and REINVEST in green energy.


The Responsible Energy Investment (“REInvestment”) campaign is a student-led campaign at Earlham College that is asking our school to divest its endowment from dirty coal companies and reinvest responsibly. The targets of our campaign are coal extraction companies, many of which are responsible for numerous EPA violations and coal-related illnesses/deaths — not to mention the greenhouse gases and toxic fumes that coal emits.

We don’t believe that a school founded on Quaker values should be supporting this industry, so we are asking Earlham to withdraw the direct holdings and commingled funds of its endowments from coal extraction. Instead, we want Earlham to put that money to good use and invest in clean energy or the local community.

This is about more than just Earlham College. REInvestment is one of over 300 student-run campaigns at colleges and universities across the country that are working on coal and/or fossil fuel divestment campaigns — and all of these campaigns are in solidarity with activists in frontline communities working to bring put an end to coal extraction and bring down the fossil fuel industry.

But beyond the fight against fossil fuels, we see ourselves as part of a still-larger movement. REInvestment opporates from an anti-oppression framework, which means we believe that no one should be treated unjustly because of their race, class, gender, sexuality, or creed — and we believe that it is unjust to poison the environment in which people live. We work in solidarity with struggles against all forms of oppression.


Divest Haverford



We are a group of Haverford College students associated with 350.org, Go Fossil Free!, We are Power Shift, The Energy Action Coalition, and the Campus Climate Challenge. We are asking the Board of Managers to divest from fossil fuels. We hail from all over the country and feel that it is of vital importance to face the facts and help change attitudes and our societal framework in relation to fossil fuels and climate change.

Sign their petition here http://divesthaverford.org/sign-our-petition/



Swarthmore Mountain Justice is a student organization committed to fighting for climate justice. We are currently working in concert with over 100 other student organizations and national partners to move our universities’ endowments out of the fossil fuel industry. We are calling on Swarthmore College to divest from its current holdings in sixteen fossil fuel companies, or the “Sordid Sixteen.” These companies violate countless health, safety, and environmental regulations, the burdens of which are usually borne by low-income communities and communities of color. The fossil fuel industry is also one of the primary culprits of the climate crisis and corrupts our political system with incredible financial power. A large-scale divestment movement not only cuts into that financial power, but it also affects these companies on a political and moral level.

In addition to our on-campus organizing, Swarthmore Mountain Justice strives to work in solidarity with communities on the frontlines of fossil fuel extraction, burning, transportation, and waste. We refuse to stand by while our school invests in the destruction of communities and regions through mountaintop removal, the tar sands, hydrofracking, deep sea oil drilling, coal exportation, and other forms of destructive fossil fuel extraction. It is time for Swarthmore to become a true leader in the struggle for climate justice. Swarthmore has the opportunity to take a bold stand for a just and sustainable future by refusing to support the very companies that are destroying that future. Join with us in calling on all United States colleges and universities to divest for our future!

Email: SwarthmoreMJ@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/swarthmoreMJ
Twitter: @SwarthmoreMJ