QEW’s Relationship with FCNL

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From its beginning in 1987, QEW has united with the mission of Friends Committee for National Legislation (FCNL) “We seek an earth restored,” but was concerned that this goal was missing from its legislative priorities. Several years ago, a group of Friends began working to develop support within the Society of Friends for FCNL to increase its focus on environmental issues. This effort proved fruitful as FCNL has included energy policy as a legislative priority since 2002.

In 2003 QEW became a member organization of FCNL, began to appoint two members to the FCNL General Committee, and participated through them in revising FCNL’s policy statement for “an earth restored.” Since then FCNL has reaffirmed and strengthened its legislative priority on energy and environment. This priority has recently become the primary assignment for a senior legislative secretary.

FCNL has recently completed the rehabilitation of its Washington D.C. headquarters on Capital Hill as a LEED-certified “green building.” The new building has visibly strengthened Friends’ Earthcare witness on federal legislation by putting words into action on energy and environmental policy.

QEW’s members of the FCNL General Committee are now responsible for nurturing and strengthening QEW’s involvement with FCNL. QEW encourages monthly meetings and individual Friends to support FCNL’s witness in Washington by communicating with members of Congress about federal legislation through FCNL’s website (sign up for their Legislative Action Network to receive alerts), and by participating in FCNL’s priority-setting process in even-numbered years prior to the sitting of each new Congress. Through its website, FCNL maintains a separate e-mail list for targeted legislative action alerts on energy and environmental legislation. To join, to to the FCNL website: http://fcnl.org/involved/

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