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QEW Population Working Group

In 1650, when George Fox was alive, the world’s population was about one-half billion people; by the early 20th century it had reached two billion. In 2015, it reached 7.3 billion, more than a tripling in a century. Currently, more than 80 million persons are being added to Earth each year. While the world’s rate of population growth has been slowly declining since about 1965, the prospects for the future suggest considerable additional population growth, if current rates continue, to more than 10 billion people by 2050 and 28 billion in 2100!

QEW has written a series of resources on population and its related issues. We recommend that you begin with our introductory pamphlet, Friends Witness on Population.

We also recommend that you read about our program, Quaker PopOffsets, administered by QEW’s Population Working Group along with the organization’s General Secretary. The program collects donations and then gives the money to organizations that direct it towards family planning. A small proportion of the donations help support QEW.

QEW Population Resources:

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