Our Publications

Quaker Earthcare Witness publishes materials to inspire, inform, educate, and share ideas for Quakers and caring others who are seeking to integrate their concern for Earth with Friends’ long-standing testimonies for simplicity, peace, equality, and justice. If you are interested in ordering print publications, please email hayley@quakerearthcare.org.

Our publications include

BeFriending Creation. Quaker Earthcare Witness publishes a quarterly journal, BeFriending Creation, that reports and celebrates what Friends and Friends Meetings and organizations are doing and saying about the global crisis in ecological sustainability. Click here to read BeFriending Creation.

QEW Pamphlets for Sharing.  QEW has more than 30 trifold pamphlets on a wider-range of Earthcare-related issues. Download the full pamphlet or order printed versions from our Publications Coordinator by emailing hayley@quakerearthcare.org. There is no charge for pamphlets but donations are encouraged to help cover printing costs and postage and handling expenses.

QEW Earthcare for Children CurriculumWe have recently updated our Earthcare for Children curriculum for First Day schools. You can download the prinable PDF or each individual chapter by clicking here.

QEW Earthcare for Friends Curriculum. Click here to read our newly updated curriculum, Earthcare for Friends, a Study Guide for Individuals and Faith Communities.

Quaker Eco-Bulletin. Quaker Earthcare Witness previously published a bi-monthly eco-bulletin that reports on “Information and Action Addressing Public Policy for an Ecologically Sustainable World.” Click here for more information on the Quaker Eco-Bulletin.

To order print materials, please email the Publications Coordinator at hayley@quakerearthcare.org.