Featured in the Media

  • Integrity Investment by Shelley Tanenbaum, Kathy Barnhart, and Rick Herbert

    Western Friend. January 2021.

    “Imagine a billion dollars being taken out of fossil fuel development and more than a billion being put into renewable energy. This is exactly what the University of California (UC) did in 2020. What did it take for UC to divest from fossil fuels in such a big way?” Shelley Tanenbaum, Kathy Barnhart, Rick Herbert write in January 2021’s issue of Western Friend.

  • Breathing Safely By Kathy Barnhart

    Friends Journal. December 1, 2020

    “I can’t breathe.” My first thought is that these words, spoken by George Floyd, had also been spoken by countless Black people while they were being murdered by police. My second thought is that I can say this as I write from my comfortable middle-class, privileged home in California, though the air quality is too unhealthy to go outside: raging fires and smoke fill the West Coast, the result of global warming and drought.

  • A Vision from 2050 By Hayley Hathaway

    Western Friend. March 2020.

    “Our post-pandemic world was too upside down to work slowly within the system for incremental change. With fierce hopefulness, an intimate relationship with grief, and a new understanding of our power, we used our collective imagination to envision a societal transformation. Another world was possible. And we brought it to life.”

  • Hayley Hathaway

    Earth-Community Values & Money Dilemmas: Interview with Hayley Hathaway

    Northern Spirit Radio. July 2018.

    In this episode of Northern Spirit Radio, Hayley Hathaway talks about Earth-Community Values & Money Dilemmas with host Mark Helpsmeet.

    Listen to the episode
  • Paris 2015 Logo

    Climate Change Among Nations: Interview with Shelley Tanenbaum and Judy Lumb

    Northern Spirit Radio. August 2016.

    While at FGC Gathering, Shelley Tanenbaum and Judy Lumb did a radio interview with Northern Spirit Radio for the show Spirit in Action. They shared their experiences at COP21 in Paris and at the FWCC Gathering in Pisac, Peru and talked about the Paris climate agreement and the Pisac FWCC Sustainability Minute.

  • Roy Taylor

    Building Green: Interview with Roy Taylor

    Northern Spirit Radio. July 2016.

    Roy Taylor III and RT3 Architects help people & organizations live more sustainably on the Earth, with the wide range of building & renovation & life-style ideas that reduce our impact in terms of materials, energy, water, & more. This is far more than alternative energy, this is the full-system outlook.

  • Ruah Swennerfelt

    Transition Towns and Faith: Interview with Ruah Swennerfelt

    Northern Spirit Radio. July 2016.

    Ruah Swennerfelt has lots of experience in the Transition Town movement, locally, regionally, religiously, nationally, and internationally, and has now written of much of it in Rising to the Challenge: The Transition Movement & People of Faith. Ruah helps us map the way forward to resilience of environment, energy, & lifestyle.

  • Nicaragua Canal Map

    Nicaragua Inter-oceanic Canal: No! An Interview with Tere Campos and Brad Stocker

    Northern Spirit Radio. August 2, 2015.

    Don’t know about the planned (and underway) Nicaragua Inter-oceanic Canal? Tere Campos, Nicaraguan native, and her husband, Brad Stocker, are working to put out the word about this potentially disastrous plan which would put at risk the 9th largest lake of the Americas, and much more. Tere & Brad are deeply steeped in environmental concerns, SEYM’s Earthcare Committee, and ProNica, and Brad has a Post-doc certificate in ecology & human spirit.


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