Earthcare for Friends: A Study Guide for Individuals and Faith Communities

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Earthcare for Friends: A Study Guide for Individuals and Faith Communities is a fantastic resource that we encourage you to read and share.
Download individual chapters, all available as printable PDFs.
How is this resource working for you and your community?
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Study Units
1.    Our Faith as a Foundation for Earthcare, by Ruah Swennerfelt
2.    Earthcare and Friends Testimonies, by Louis Cox
3.    Earthcare and the Bible, by Ingrid Fabianson and Ruah Swennerfelt
4.    Ideas for Programmed Meetings and Churches, by Ingrid Fabianson
5.    Peace on Earth, Peace with Earth, by Kim Carlyle
6.    Applied Simpler Living, by Susan Carlyle
7.    Healthy Food, Healthy Planet, by Molly Anderson
8.    Earthcare and the Right Use of Things, by Louis Cox
9.    The Divine Gift of Good Soil, by Tom Small
10.    A Land Ethic and Land Conservation, by Ruah Swennerfelt
11.    Care for Water, by Mary Gilbert, with Sandra Moon Farley
12.    Protecting the Sacred Gift of Air, by Ruah Swennerfelt
13.    Friends’ Unique Witness on Population Concerns, by Stan Becker
14.    Climate, Energy, and Earth Process, by Ed Dreby, with Kim Carlyle
15.    Economics and Earth Process, by Ed Dreby, with Keith Helmuth and Margaret Mansfield
16.    Earth Awareness, Earth Activism, by Bill Cahalan and Ruah Swennerfelt
17.    The Great Story, by Mary Coelho
18.    The Earth Charter and Friends Testimonies, by Ruah Swennerfelt